Real Estate & Nesting

    “Long Island Real Estate & Nesting”

    A big part of my life is devoted to Homes & Mothering. My full time career in Real Estate brings me in contact with people and their Homes or their future Homes.

    Everyone has to live somewhere, and I love helping people through the process of: “Matching up people to Homes they intend live in and enjoy life in”.

    For my seller clients; it is finding and marketing to qualified buyers. Negotiating the deal, brings them that probable ‘nest egg’ to allow them to move on. Through the course of this business transaction, we become professional friends and more than that in many instances, the relationships become life long.

    In my past nursing experience, I have witnessed over 5oo live births and as well as 4 of my own children. I have helped numerous women through this natural process of birthing their babies in a hospital setting as a birth doula.

    Being a doula is my ultimate way of ‘giving back or giving ahead’ to the world. One or two women a year find out about this hobby I am passionate about & then I am honored with the job of working with them through their labor & delivery…talk about ‘nesting’ !!!

    Yes, there are those who have bought or sold homes through me & I have helped them birthing their babies. Of course, those relationships are special and memorable.

    So a full time career in Real Estate and Nesting do go together in a very special way for me.